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Our Wedding Photo Editing Services

Filtering and Color Balancing

Send us a complete collection of wedding photography, and we will help sort out the most ideal images, enhance the colors & remove any unwanted objects. We can also add pure white bridal attire and lucid background colors to your photos.

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Wedding Photo Editing

We start by making enhancements to wedding photos, such as erasing skin imperfections, enhancing texture, and teeth whitening, before moving on to more in-depth adjustments like dodging and burning, split toning, airbrushing and more.

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HDR Photo Blending

Every image is unique because of different lighting and temperature conditions. HDR Photo Blending allows the blending of two or more unique exposure shots to create high resolution, spectacular images. Produce images that speak loud.

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Background Removal/Placement

Our experts can change your wedding pictures dramatically by changing the background. SkyTech Icon will make all the modifications as accurate as possible, whether you want us to enhance it merely or entirely replace it.

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Add/Remove People & Objects

Sometimes there are wedding images that embody perfect composition and capture the right emotion of the newlyweds, however they may not be at the center of the image, or there might be unnecessary people and objects in the image that you need removed. Eitherways, our editors can engineer your images, adding and removing people or objects to your liking.

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Complex Photo Manipulation

Newlyweds want to cherish their wedding memories through spectacular, unforgettable imagery.
It’s possible to create great images that depict a destination romance, without the need for a destination wedding. Our image editors are eveready to take on such creative work and transform your images. Whatever you can visualize, we can deliver!

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Clothing’s Creases Removal

People don’t like wrinkled clothes, especially when it appears in their wedding images. We can edit that out for you. We’ll find and fix any flaws in the groom’s suit and the bride’s gown. Once we’re done editing, you won’t notice any creases on the clothes.

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Make-up Adjustment

It’s nearly impossible to maintain one’s makeup throughout the wedding ceremony. We can enhance the eyes, highlight lips, add eyeshadow & blush to the subject of the image. Whenever there’s an image exposing flaws in makeup, send it over for a quick fix! 

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Stray Hair Removal

The retouchers at SkyTech Icon will minimize flyaway hairs from portraits and apply light smoothing without over-photoshopping. The edited picture will have a natural look.

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Skin Tone Adjustment

Poor lighting can cause shades of redness or yellowness to restore the original skin tone of your subject. Just send us your bridal photos, and we’ll ensure the bride’s skin looks flawless and attractive.

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Wedding Photo Retouching Services
with SkyTech Icon?

You cannot control some aspects like the murky lighting in the cathedral and a bridesmaid’s glowing appearance following her fourth glass of champagne. Hence, merely a Talented Photographer and a High End camera isn’t enough to produce Magazine quality wedding photos.

SkyTech Icon is prepared to help you bring your most imaginative ideas to life in a busy wedding season using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Share Wedding Photos with us

Make Suggestions on editing

Send for Modification if Required

Re-Collect Your Photographs

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High end

Wedding Photo Editing Service

The main goal of wedding photo editing services is to make every wedding photo stand out and seem spectacular. You will be assigned a personal Wedding Photo Editor from SkyTech Icon. Your designated Editor will learn about your taste and requirements, enhancing the images likewise. You can also share reference images with us.

 At SkyTech Icon, we ensure that every client is happy with the service and we ensure that by providing transparent pricing options. We offer our services at a very affordable rate.

Services We Provide –

High end

Wedding Photography Editing and Bridal Portrait Enhancement

You can always contact our team and hire experts to handle wedding photo editing if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. When editing bridal photography, we pay great attention to the subject’s jewelry, flowers, and other accessories that compliment her hair and outfit. We can bring any of your ideas to life, from simple color adjustments to complex ones. 

A bride’s stunning wedding gown can be seen in 1/3rd of all wedding photos. We retouch the white balance, colors, saturation, temperature, and shadows while editing wedding images in Lightroom and Photoshop. It gives the image a classy look. 

We are available 24/7 for you. If you have any queries, contact us! Our friendly representatives will handle your case as soon as possible.

Before After Wedding-Photography-Editing-and-Bridal-Portrait-EnhancementBeforeWedding-Photography-Editing-and-Bridal-Portrait-Enhancement
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High end

Light & Airy Wedding Photo Editing

We promise your wedding photos will have the most stunning edits. Our photo editors can make the images appear light and airy, pastel, matte, cinematic, vintage, sepia, black and white, or dark. They always keep up with the most recent trends in wedding photography.

We put a lot of effort into making your pictures unique, romantic, and moody. Due to busy schedules, wedding photographers must send their clients edited photographs as soon as possible. That is why we produce results quickly, and we can send your edited images the day you place an order. We can quickly edit simple wedding photos to more difficult ones because we are experts in them.

Our Provided Wedding Photo Edited Services Are: 

High end

Natural Wedding Photo Editing

When editing wedding photos, we try to make precise corrections so that viewers won’t notice any changes. SkyTech Icon professionals have both the keen eye for detail and expertise in cutting-edge picture editing methods needed for that.

To get rid of acne, redness tone, yellowish tone, blackheads, and other skin imperfections, we start by toning and smoothing the skin. We also correct the color and work with people’s attire, teeth, accessories, and all of the frame’s objects.

Our Provided Wedding Photo Edited Services Are: 

Before After Natural-Wedding-Picture-EditingBeforeNatural-Wedding-Picture-Editing

Get in touch with image editing experts

Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

High end

Background Enhanced Wedding Photo Editing

Weddings are busy occasions with lots of people moving around. You can capture many group shots that need professional background editing. Tell us what background objects you want to keep and what you want to remove. Our editor will work accordingly. We can carefully remove unnecessary objects like furniture, animals, trees, and people on foot.

We increase colors in addition to the digital backdrop cleanup. It gives the overall image a lively outlook. If you want a gloomy atmosphere, we can choose natural colors to fix that. The decision is yours.

Our Provided Wedding Photo Edited Services Are: 

Before After Wedding-Photo-Editing-GÇô-Background-EnhancementBeforeWedding-Photo-Editing-GÇô-Background-Enhancement
Before After Professional-Wedding-Photo-Editing-ServicesBeforeProfessional-Wedding-Photo-Editing-Services
High end

High-End Wedding Photo Editing Service

We offer Magazine and High-End wedding image editing alongside color correction for lavish weddings. We use expert tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Our editor will make the bride’s or groom’s skin look flawless, remove stray hairs, enhance or even apply makeup, edit jewels, eliminate glares and smooth out wrinkles on clothing. We will make all the other desired edits to create a good look.

Share your ideas and requirements if you want us to edit your wedding photo manipulations, such as adding a vintage effect, stars, hearts, haze, rainbows, etc. Our Managers are on duty around the clock; you can manage every stage of editing for wedding photos.

Services We Provide –

Pro level

Color Correction and Wedding Photo Editing

A variety of outside influences can affect the colors of wedding photographs. This is the leading cause of the messed-up whites, fading greens and  inadequately vivid reds found in many wedding photos. SkyTech Icon’s Editors will be happy to make them seem stunning no matter what color issues you have in your wedding photos. In addition to balancing other factors, we will increase contrast, correct brightness and exposure, and eliminate dark shadows. We can enhance the background’s color and make it hazy to draw viewers’ attention to the bride and groom.

Hire us and take our wedding photo editing service if you have a busy schedule and can’t handle color correction alone. We’ll take care of the rest.

Services We Provide

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