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Our Provided Product Photo Editing Services Are:

Basic Photo Retouching

Do you want engaging product photography while keeping it natural? At SkyTech Icon, we provide basic product photo retouching. These services include enhancing colors, removing dark shadows, and adjusting the white balance.

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Creative and Unique Product Photo Editing

To create flawless ecommerce photos, we edit every image creatively and uniquely. We work with color temperature profiles, enhance brightness to draw customers in, remove noise, correct the product’s shapes, and execute stitching.

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Distracting Objects Removal

Sometimes photographers use props during product photography. But the props may not look their best after taking the pictures and distract the buyers’ attention from the main product. Removing them is the best solution.

Order distracting objects removal service from SkyTech Icon. Our team will carefully remove all the distracting objects from the image and make it perfect.

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Ghost Mannequin Technique

The ghost mannequin technique has become famous worldwide for Ecommerce photography. This technique is challenging to apply and takes time.

At SkyTech Icon, we offer this service and apply various 3D techniques. This offers a better perspective of how specific clothing would seem when they wear it. Our service will make your product photos appealing to the customers.

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Adding Reflections and Shadows

Shadows and reflection play a vital role in E-commerce photography. Customers’ frequently view products positively and negatively based on these factors. At SkyTech Icon, we adjust shadows when we retouch product images. It helps maintain a realistic look. Reflections add drastic changes in product photography. 

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Product Recoloring

You may be selling products that come in many color variants. However, clicking photos of all the variants can be both expensive and time consuming.  Order our product recoloring services and we will change the colors of the products perfectly, while ensuring that all colors look vibrant without seeming flamboyant.

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Clipping Path

If you want your product image to be detached from a photo and placed elsewhere, you’ll require clipping path services. Using the Clipping Path tool, we are able to precisely cut out your subject from a certain image and place it in a background/photo of your choice. This is much easier, faster and inexpensive than a photoshoot.

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Resize & Rotate

It’s always important to exhibit your product in a visually appealing manner to attract your customers. Resizing & Rotating helps you highlight your Ecommerce products. SkyTech Icon offers a resize & rotate service. We’ll make sure your products pop out and appear irresistible in your photos.

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Background Removal

Poor backgrounds can distract potential customers and ruin an entire picture. This is especially true for E-commerce photography. If a background doesn’t compliment the product it needs to be removed. Get the best background removal service at SkyTech Icon. We can remove the existing background and put up a transparent or even an all-white background in its place. Let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Liquify, Reshape, and Maintain Symmetry

Product photos must look picture perfect when they’re displayed for sale. Liquifying and reshaping tools let us fix the flaws in the product. The liquifying process helps push or pull individual pixels without ruining the whole image.

We apply expert product retouching technologies to enhance symmetry and make your products seem fantastic.

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Our professional editors know all the techniques of product photo editing. To make the best Ecommerce photography, we use Dodge and Burn effect, Clipping Path, Texture Editing, Frequency Separation, and the Ghost Mannequin technique. At SkyTech Icon, all the editors work effortlessly to create fantastic product images for various websites and online shops.

Rest assured that our experienced image retouchers stay true to the photo editing guidelines provided by you in producing classy outputs for your clients.

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What Does Product Photos Editing Include?

Background improvement and contrast adjustment are both significant processes necessary for Product Photo Editing. Besides this, an editor needs to trim the product image, adjust contrast and brightness, remove tags, change the backdrop, add a watermark, reduce noise, mask, and set the margin to get flawless results.

We value our client’s requirements and follow their instructions. At SkyTech Icon, we also follow trends. Trends change over time, and we try to keep pace with that. Overall we decorate Ecommerce images to attract the customers.

Our Product Photo Editing Includes

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Color and Watermark Retouching for Product Photography

In Ecommerce photography, fixing the color, contrast, and brightness is important and also challenging. At SkyTech Icon, you will get this service. Our editors increase the color temperature to add brightness and life to a product image. It makes the images visually appealing and attracts customers.

These days, watermarking is quite popular, and SkyTech Icon offers this product editing service. We label your photographs with your company’s logo, brand name, etc. It helps to prevent them from being used on other sites without your permission.

Our Product Photo Editing Includes

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Get in touch with image editing experts

Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

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Background and Noise Reduction in Product Photo Editing

We have a collection of backgrounds. You can select from this collection to showcase your products. However, nowadays, people use a completely white background for online selling platforms. Sometimes photographers want us to lose the ordinary backgrounds and replace them with interesting, bright backgrounds. Regardless of a white, colored, simple or complex background, a noisy background never flies.

Our editors are experts in this field. They can remove or replace the backdrop by reducing noise. Excessive noise in images can ruin the quality of the image. So let us handle and make your Ecommerce photography better.

Our Product Photo Editing Includes

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Product Photography Editing Clothes and Footwear

We edit clothes using various techniques to help the customers visualize themselves wearing that cloth. Such techniques work magic with Dress, T-shirts, Tops, Jeans, Shorts, and other attires. For gowns, we use asymmetrical cuts to make them seem more realistic. Our editors increase vertical symmetry as well.

Another challenge for editors is footwear editing. Improper lighting, props, and reflection can ruin the image. SkyTech Icon’s team can fix all these issues.

When we edit clothes and footwear, we remove creases. We also edit forms and colors, remove dust, add shadows, and give the image a 3D look. You will get a complete and perfect Ecommerce image from us.

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Services for High-Quality Product Retouching

Over the 8 years of our journey, we have worked with photographers, companies, e-commerce platforms, trade agencies, and individuals worldwide to edit product photographs. We start with background improvement, and we conclude by setting edited images up for print, online, and social media. We help with every step of the product photo editing process.

Place an order at SkyTech Icon today. No worries about the delivery. We edit thousands of images daily. If you order basic Ecommerce image editing, you will get the delivery on the same day. For higher and artistic editing, you will get the delivery within 1-3 days.

We provide special discounts on certain packages of Ecommerce photo retouching. If you want to keep a consistent look for your product photography, choose backdrop removal, rotating and resizing, and recoloring.

Our Product Photo Editing Includes

We edit every product color change project by hand. We’re not finished until every item of clothing and accessory appears natural, and the colors and textures look just right.

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