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We Offer The Following Headshot and Portrait Retouching Services

Basic Headshot Touch-Up

Basic headshot touch-up editing includes general developments of photographs without destroying natural curves and features. As a result, the model appears more prominent in the image. 

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Teeth Whitening and Eye Correction

We all know how difficult it is to capture the right shade of teeth and eyes during a corporate photoshoot at the studio. We will remove the teeth’s yellowish tint and fix the eye color for you.

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Skin Toning and Smoothing

Let us polish the model’s skin so it appears fresh, bright and smooth. We will erase apparent flaws, treat pimples and acne, and remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. We will also adjust the tone depending on the lighting condition.

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Scars and Blemishes Removal

No more worries about the scars and blemishes on the face. We will use modern headshot editing technologies to remove them. We don’t over-photoshop skin texture, birthmarks, etc. If a client wants, we can keep everything natural. 

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Make The Background Clear or Blurry

We edit the background area while retouching headshots. Our editors can remove distracting objects and replace the background with a more appropriate option. They will blur the image according to the client’s requirements.

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Braces Removal

SkyTech Icon provides braces removal to improve your model’s smile. To avoid all unnatural tone transitions, our experts analyze the colors of the teeth and make them appear 3D to avoid any unrealistic tone transitions.

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Overall Face Features Improvement

Our experts will improve your model’s facial features without ruining their natural lines. We will clarify the lip line, draw attention to the eyes, straighten the nose, highlight cheekbones, make the forehead smaller, and so on.

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Adjusting Contrast and Brightness

Adjusting the contrast and brightness of headshots can make them more vibrant and correct. You can downplay the colors with this action for a more modest look. Give us your headshot photos and explain what impression you want your business images to have. We’ll change them to fit your requirements.

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Adding Digital make-up to Photographs

Our professionals can highlight eyes and lips without using bright colors. We can erase under-eye circles, redness, wrinkles, signs of tiredness etc. We steer clear of aggressive colors and shadows when it comes to corporate portraits.

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Glass Glare Removal

We understand how to remove glare and reflections from glasses without blurring the area around the eyes or removing the genuine eye features. The business headshots will be precise and professional.

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Portrait Retouching Services

Retouching headshots typically take 1-3 business days for us to complete. The response time is mainly defined by the number of business headshots ordered. Our primary goal is to create a gorgeous headshot with no visual facial imperfections, backdrop flaws, or lighting concerns. If you require further headshot editing services, speak with our editor. He will do the job according to your requirements.

It’s simple to onboard our digital photo editing service! It takes four simple steps:

Send your Photos

Share clear instructions and include sample photos.

Receive the edited photos.

Accept the photos or request revisions if necessary.

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Pro Level

Headshot and Colors Editing

SkyTech Icon experts work hard to ensure attractive and balanced colors & shades in your headshots. They also make sure that no weird changes are made that can ruin the image. We will reduce harsh shadows and ensure that the face is lighted correctly.

The background color scheme will also be edited so that the final business portrait fits corporate photography requirements.

Our Provided Services:

Pro Level

Retouching of Professional Headshots

Hundreds of organizations provide headshot retouching services, but only a few genuinely deliver excellent results at fair pricing. You will be happy to know that SkyTech Icon offers clients high-quality headshots and portrait retouching services.

Skin smoothing, blemish removal, teeth whitening, basic color correction, backdrop editing, and more services are available here. We accept orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and deliver edited headshots faster than promised.

Our Provided Services:

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Get in touch with image editing experts

Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

Pro Level

High-End Headshot Editing Services

Our High-End headshot editing goes beyond simply improving skin tone and facial features. To make your company photographs great, we apply every Photoshop trick available.

To supply you with high-quality headshots, we will fix colors, remove harsh lighting faults, improve/replace the background, remove things from the background, retouch garments, remove stray hair, and fulfill other headshot editing requirements.

Our Provided Services:

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Pro Level

Skin Smoothing and Headshot Editing

The essential fact we follow when editing headshots and smoothing skin is to provide a reliable result. We do not submit headshots in which a model appears to be someone else.

Simply notify our editors if you want some skin parts untouched. We also don’t change features until you want us to.

Our Provided Services:

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