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Baby Photo Retouching Services

Nose, Eyes & Cheeks Editing

Redness on a newborn’s face is a common phenomena. We will enrich the cheeks and nose to solve this issue, making sure your newborn looks absolutely adorable! Our experts can also correct eyes, correct color, modify proportions, and minimize red-eye.

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Smoothing Skin and Tone Correction

The baby’s skin regularly takes on red and blue tones during the photoshoot. Our baby photo retouching services include smoothing skin, advanced tone, and color correction to make the skin appear soft and supple.

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Unnecessary Objects Removal

Sometimes props and other objects might get in the way of your storytelling, drawing attention away from the little one in newborn photographs. Order our objects removal service and get those unnecessary items removed, leaving behind absolutely no trace of any tweaks.

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Background Retouching

Struggling to find the perfect background for your newborn photos? Is the background too dark or shadowy? Is it too poor? We will adjust the color, remove harsh shadows, sharpen or blur the backdrops, and even replace the original background with one that you desire with unmatched perfection.

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Color Correction

Color grading and correction fixes all color tone inconsistencies of a photo. So if your photo seems imperfect or portrays a color temperature does not quite tell the story that you want, send them over for color correction. We will fix the white balance, brightness, sharpness, exposure and other color issues.

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Stylization and Photo Manipulation

If you’re looking for awe-inspiring storytelling, look no further; Photo Manipulations and stylized photos are your best bet! We use Photoshop to create thematic photos and add fairytale environments to your baby pictures. Our experts style the newborn photos creatively.

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Our Photo Manipulation Services

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Focus on clicking high quality newborn photos and take on more clients than you ever imagined. SkyTech Icon can take over all your image post production tasks. No more spending long hours glued to the editing panel for you! It’s simple to onboard our photo manipulation services! Here’s what you need to do.

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Transform Your Newborn’s Pictures into Paintings

Transform your newborn images into stunning paintings with brilliantly crafted brush strokes and exemplary balance in terms of contrast & brightness. We’re able to remove flaws and smoothe the baby’s skin while keeping the texture as it is.

Our professionals will remove the background and replace it with a different one to set the overall tone of the photo.

Using the newest brush tools, we are able to transform newborn photographs into masterpieces. For the finishing touches, we add delicate splashes of color and remove color casts, turning your images to true pieces of art!

Services We Provide:

Authentic and Quick Retouching Baby Photo

Despite how adorable newborn images can be, some issues still need to be fixed. Most of the time, the baby’s hair, background styling, temperature, lighting, and props are beyond the photographer’s complete control.

For both beginner and experienced photographers as well as devoted parents, SkyTech Icon offers expert baby photo editing services. We will adjust colors, change the light-shadow pattern, fix skin tone, remove unnecessary objects, smooth blanket wrinkles, improve the background, and many more.

Our Services:

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Newborn Photo Editing Service: Photo Manipulation

We can edit the ambience of your newborn photo by mixing several images and adding fresh textures. Both beginner and experienced photographers use our newborn photo manipulation services to give your portfolio a substantial boost.

SkyTech Icon’s editors will combine colors, remove distracting elements, and add shadows to make your photos look more realistic. They will swap out the background for something more appropriate. After we’ve edited your newborn shot, we’ll seamlessly combine the textures and improve the colors.

Services We Offer:

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Editing Headshots and Colors

Fixthephoto retouchers do their best to make colors in your headshots look beautiful and harmonious, without strange transitions that can ruin the photo. We will remove harsh shadows and will make sure the face is nicely lit.

Background color scheme will be also edited, so that the final business portrait meets with corporate photography standards.

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