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Jewelry Photo Editing Services for the perfect shine

Dust & Reflections Removal

Dust and reflections can ruin your jewelry’s elegant impression. Our specialists can correct these flaws and make your jewelry images sparkle. They will edit every area of an object to make it more suitable for online retailing.

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Recoloring and Color Correction

SkyTech Icon is ready to change or fix the color of a specific element in your jewelry images in less than a day. If you took jewelry shots in poor lighting and need to correct them, we will ensure accurate color, shadows, and brightness for your photos.

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Metal Smoothing

Metal smoothing can be hard to achieve. SkyTech Icon provides this service to make your task easier. To achieve a faultless appearance, we will polish every component of an object including difficult-to-reach locations.

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Shine Improvement

Improving the textures and adding sparkle to the valuable stones greatly enhances the appeal of jewelry and gemstones. Regardless of the number of objects, we will ensure that the end result looks classy and desirable.

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Mirror and Drop Shadow Effects

Jewelry images shot in a lightbox require shadows to give them depth and meaning. We will add shadows to jewelry photographs using Photoshop’s tools and make them better, without overdoing it so it appears natural and perfect.

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Creative Jewelry Retouching

Order Creative Jewelry Retouching services to make your gemstones appear perfect. Get everything from color adjustments, reshaping and resizing, background replacements and objects added/removed all within this package!

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Background & Mannequin Removal Editing

Jewelry images should have a neutral background. Otherwise, it will draw attention away from the focal point. We can change the background to get a better finishing of the picture.  Mannequin removal is another jewelry retouching service we provide. Additionally, it helps in shining a spotlight on the diamonds.

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Jewelry Photo Editing Services

The Icon team offers a variety of jewelry retouching services ranging from color correction to artistic retouching. We constantly provide realistic results when editing jewelry images.  Our retouchers pay close attention to the most minute details. We take special care to ensure that the jewels appear attractive and marketable. We also ensure that gold and silver jewelry is adequately lighted. We’ll bring out each stone’s outstanding qualities, making them irresistible to the buyers. 

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Jewelry Photo Retouching: Dust, Reflections & Shadows

Without any shadows, Jewelry photographs seem strange and incomplete. Realistic shadows allow you to highlight your jewelry. It also provides advantageous aspects by adding depth to the photographs. SkyTech Icon experts pay close attention to creating realistic shadows for your Jewelry photos. 

We create 3D graphics by adding shadows to 2D pictures. Additionally, it enhances the appearance of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. Dust and reflections can ruin the aesthetic look of your jewelry images. On mirror surfaces, our specialists remove reflections and clear any visible traces of dust particles. We also remove minor scratches with Jewelry Retouching.

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Jewelry Photo Retouching: Adding Shine

Correctly managed lighting during the photo shoot is essential. It allows jewelry stones to produce a sparkling look or even a rainbow impression. Jewelry picture editing and color correction are often needed to produce that shine.

You can contact us. We will add lovely and accurate shine to your jewelry images. To avoid highly unrealistic effects, we keep in mind the laws of physics when we retouch jewelry, keeping all our edits realistic.

When customers request us to edit pictures with a valuable stone, we research and determine the exact shine the stone provides. We never make a diamond look red or yellow because we know diamonds are recognized for having a pale blue sparkle.

What We Offer:

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Jewelry Photo Retouching: Removal of Blemishes and Spot

Even if you work hard to clean your jewelry before the photo shoot, stains and fingerprints will still appear in the pictures. Our expert editors at SkyTech Icon can quickly remove such eye-catching faults by using different Photoshop tools. 

We begin with the most apparent flaws before moving on to others that may not be immediately visible. Although this process takes a lot of time, the perfect appearance of jewelry pieces makes it worthwhile.

You can let us know which parts need more retouching. After that, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can entirely depend on our professionals. We professionally edit jewelry images for your target customers.

What we offer:

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Jewelry Photo Retouching: Removing Unwanted Objects

If there is an unwanted object in the jewelry image, it can steer your customer’s attention away from the Jewelry. SkyTech Icon’s editors are here to help you draw customers’ attention to the diamonds by removing unwanted objects in the photos. 

We apply various methods to remove the background from Jewelry Photographs in Photoshop. Once a specific item is removed, we change the color of the unused space so that everything blends together.

Smudges and scratches can sometimes be removed since they seriously reduce the quality of a jewelry photo. Although this is difficult work, we can handle it properly because of our considerable experts in jewelry retouching.

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