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Body Retouching

We use Photoshop to make color corrections, deal with shadows, and realistically modify a body to make the model’s figure amazing. This service includes skin smoothing, tone correction, resizing and reshaping, adding tan, and coloring enhancements.

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High-End Skin Retouching

With the help of cutting-edge Photoshop techniques, our experts can make your subjects look younger, more active, and lean. If you want healthy looking skin & work with high-resolution printing materials, you must get wrinkles & under-eye dark bags removed and the scars fixed. Get all of this in our service pack.

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Professional Hair Retouching

Getting your hair to behave just the way you want during Photo sessions is truly difficult. Whether you need a change of hair color, or want to get rid of the fly-aways, we can retouch your model’s hair to look picture perfect.

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Expert Makeup Retouching

We can correct the color of the lips, enhance cheekbones, give the eyes a more prominent look, make a face appear smaller, and use creative digital makeup by using various tools. Try our Expert Makeup Retouching services!

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Boudoir High-End Photo Retouching

Professional high-end skin retouching is used in boudoir photography. We can change the skin tone and add a suntan effect. We can also remove wrinkles and acne.  Our experts will also change the makeup, skin tone, and improve facial features.

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Dodge and Burn Effect Retouching

Our specialists apply the Dodge & Burn technique to fix and edit some body areas. We pay great attention in making alterations to the images without overdoing it. This high-end retouching process is a must have for Studios! 

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Facial Wrinkles Removal

Modern cameras record all the smallest facial flaws using natural or studio lighting. The SkyTech Icon team is here to help you fix them. To remove any traces of aging, we will remove all the creases around the lips, nose, and eyes.

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Clothes Retouching

Our expert photo retouchers will smoothen all creases and remove even the smallest specs visible on your clothing. In addition, we enhance the overall color tone of the photo through recoloring ensuring each images relives with enhanced color retouching.

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High-End Photo Retouching Services for professionals

Use our high-end photo retouching services to transform your images into magazine grade ones. Contact us to know more about our prices. We offer fashion brands, small businesses, and individuals high-quality editing services. Our experts work diligently to create flawless yet realistic images for you.

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Expert image editing

High-End Photo Retouching: Color Correction

We start with the models and work to provide an eye-soothing and well-balanced color. We also work with the vibrance of the photo, so your images seem bright regardless of your screen’s brightness settings.

Our High-End Photo Retouching Services Include

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High-End Photo Retouching: Background replacement

A background is as important as the foreground of a photo. That being said, we are able to improve the background of your images or replace it to suit your needs.

We start by removing any distractions from the background. You can share your own reference for the new background or choose from our list of backgrounds.

Our High-End Photo Retouching Services Include

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Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

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High-End Beauty Retouching: elevate your art

We edit skin, clothing, accessory, makeup and all other fashion apparatus. Our experts remove acne, wrinkles, and other unfavorable traits while maintaining a natural skin tone. The high-end picture editor handles shadows and highlights precisely to produce a stunning yet realistic skin look. We can also add a tan effect without going extreme.

After retouching the skin tone and texture, we \edit clothing to ensure that everything is neat and clean. The next step is makeup. Using Photoshop tools, our editors can correct the original makeup or apply a new one.

Our High-End Photo Retouching Services Include: 

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High-End Photo Retouching: Hair correction

Our editors can make unmanageable hair look better. They change hairstyles, making it appear like the model attended a salon just before the photo shoot. While retouching, we add volume and fullness to the hair to look healthy and gorgeous.

We can edit the color of the hair or just tone if you want us to do high-quality retouching. Another trick we follow is cutting short, long hair and the opposite. This helps us to capture how a person will appear with various hairstyles.

Our High-End Photo Retouching Services Include: 

We put in long hours into bringing out the perfect output.

Our expertise and knack for perfection guides us to work on each image until every pixel is in order. Want to frind out more? Get in touch with us and let’s disucss in detail.

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