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Clipping Path

To make your product images more polished and commercially fit, our creative graphic designers will carefully work around the subject of the image, and separate it from the background. Our edited images are calibrated to meet the standards for the  ecommerce industry.

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Image Masking

With steady and experienced hands, our experts make image masking a walk in the park, with results that are guaranteed to fulfil your needs. Regardless of the rough edges of an image, we can remove the background, and provide you with the perfect output.

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Adding Shadows and Reflections

We aim for perfection, and it can only be achieved through the most realistic shadows and reflections. Through our extensive experience, we know where do add shadow and reflections, while keeping the perfect balance in check, turning bland images into art.

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Ghost Mannequin

The ecommerce industry has high prerequisites for images, and when it comes to clothes, it is best to display them on a mannequin, which our creative graphic designers can remove post production, and leave only the product, in its perfect shape, unhindered from view. 

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Image Editing

If there are any lighting or exposure problems, order our clipping path services. In the course of retouching your e-commerce images, our retouchers can correct these issues.

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Removal of Background

The background will be eliminated and replaced with a white or transparent one by our experienced graphic designers. They will accurately clip out the subject.

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Matching Colors

If a product in your photo is the wrong color, we can recolor it and return you flawlessly updated images.

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Adding Borders

Add accurate and appealing borders to your images that define the depth of your photography.

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Service for Color Correcting

No unedited image will have the right mix of colors for countless reasons, which is why our experts focus solely on color correction that resolves all issues, and gives you the perfect output.

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Changing Item Colors

It is common for ecommerce listing sites to ask for images of your product in all of its available colors. We help our clients change the colors of product images, and produce a vibrant variation.

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How it works

Clipping Path Services

A white background is necessary for ecommerce photography. Many online retailers have tight guidelines for photography.

Nearly 90% of the orders we get for product photography include using a clipping path tool to obtain an entirely white or invisible background. It is the ideal method for getting rid of anything that can turn off potential customers from the product.

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Professional expertise

Clipping Path for Shoe Photography

For photography of shoes, our company provides the best photo editing. If you want photographs of shoes and boots to look great on listing pages and on the internet, we recommend the premium clipping path services.

The experts at SkyTech Icon offer faultless clipping path services as well as a general product image improvement. We include backdrop cutting and color-changing, image compression and rotation, and other minor tasks with image borders, adding shadows and reflections, in our package of services.


Our Provided Clipping Path Services Include:

Unparalelled creativity

Clipping Path Services for Cosmetics Photography

Make your cosmetics product images luxurious and elegant with the help of SkyTech Icon’s image clipping path service.

Let us properly retouch your cosmetic product image so you can use it in your own online business or other listing sites. We promise you that your product will be highlighted with attention to detail.

We boast the experience of working with clients all across the globe, refining our work processes, and creative prowess. Even the most complex tasks, like trimming a path around the hair, are no problem for us.

Our Provided Clipping Path Services Include:

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Trained eyes and hands

Clipping Path Services for Online Photography

All product images uploaded to Amazon or other online retailers need to adhere to strict technical requirements. The key need is a background that is entirely white.

From a snow-white backdrop to the elimination of product flaws, our clipping path service contains everything a flawless product photograph ought to have.

We offer every form of clipping path imaginable along with extra services. You can request features like color correction, multiple clipping paths, artistic retouching, etc.

The major benefit is that you work directly with a retoucher, whose goal is to comprehend your objectives and offer the best solutions.

Our Provided Clipping Path Services Include:

Give us a shot

Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

pixel precision

Clipping Path services for Furniture Photography

Applying expert retouching will give the furniture photos a unique and complete look. The edit will make the furniture eye-soothing.

The rate of your sales will improve if your products seem excellent on a white background, regardless of where you use the photos. It depends on you. Such as your online meal delivery website or in a product catalog.

Regarding the clipping path outsourcing quality, we have serious concerns. We exclusively employ professionals and invest a lot of time in their education and training to ensure that our deliveries adhere to the highest standards.

Contact the SkyTech Icon team and we’ll make your furniture photographs look their finest if you’re sick of dealing with bad clipping path services. Again, if you are seeking experts who can fulfill your precise requirements and give professional outcomes then SkyTech Icon is the right choice for you.

Our Provided Clipping Path Services Include:

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Finesse redefined

Clipping Path Services for Product Photography

You can observe the fundamental clipping path on this example without any further adjustments. Before uploading your product photo to Amazon or eBay, follow this procedure. Mention the above-described savings for bulk orders if you require this kind of service for your website.

DropBox is our preferred option because it ensures quick picture sharing globally. Your folders will connect automatically with the system so SkyTech Icon that we can quickly copy and paste photographs whenever we need to. Additional file managers may also be used with advance permission.

We are constantly working. That ensures prompt delivery. Each order is completed by SkyTech Icon in an effort to do so in no more than two working days. It will be changed if we get a bulk amount of orders. We promise to deliver clipping path results quickly.

Our Provided Clipping Path Services Include:

We put in long hours into bringing out the perfect output.

Our expertise and knack for perfection guides us to work on each image until every pixel is in order. Want to frind out more? Get in touch with us and let’s disucss in detail.

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