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Processes we use for that perfect shape

Body Slimming

Regardless of the model’s body shape and size, we are able to make it slimmer without having to overdo photoshop. You can also specify which parts of your body you want us to pay special attention to. We use advanced body editing techniques to produce your desired results.

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Boudoir Photo Retouching

Boudoir photo retouching and body editing makes photographs appear more glamorous. These services are used to make all accessible face and body features look sensual and fashionable. Our experts can also improve the skin’s tone and provide a more youthful appearance even when it is excessively pale.

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Dodge and Burn

Our image editors correct the lovely curves of the model’s athletic body using the Dodge and Burn tool, making them seem more attractive using lights and shades. For the perfect outcome, we will balance the lighter and darker sections of a photograph.

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Airbrush The Skin

Airbrushing the skin is among the key body photo editing services that we use to remove scars and acne, change the skin tone, and emphasize specific regions without affecting the complexion. Leave it to us to bring out the natural appeal of every click!

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Retouching Makeup

Skytech Icon’s professional editors use digital make-up tools to highlight lips and eyes, add gorgeous contours and make a face multidimensional with precise lines. Artistic make-up retouching is also available and can benefit in slimming the face in photographs. Everything will be done according to your requirements.

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Background Retouching

You can also opt for Background Retouching. Our editors make sure the model, their clothes, and the overall style of the photo are in sync with the background. We can adjust colors, remove harsh shadows, and arrange gentle highlights to give your photo a professional appearance.

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Clothes Retouching

Skytech Icon’s professional editors use digital make-up tools to highlight lips and eyes, add gorgeous contours and make a face multidimensional with precise lines. Artistic make-up retouching is also available and can benefit in slimming the face in photographs. Everything will be done according to your requirements.

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Remove Unnecessary Item

Usually, it is the small distractions in images that can otherwise ruin the entire appeal. Our experts are attuned to finding out and removing any and all items that are considered a disturbance. These can be bra straps or sunburn markings that hinder the gaze and take them away from the main highlight of the image.

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Stray Hair Fixing

Stray hair repairing or removal in photo editing is a complicated task that is best left to professionals. Our experts will take care of your images, removing flyaway hairs and creating an exact and stylish hairstyle.

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Teeth Braces Removal

We remove braces while keeping the color and structure of your teeth the same and natural look to make your images more appealing, guided by our experience that allows us to carefully bring out the best in each image.

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Armed with Expertise

Body retouching services that guarantee the perfect output

Photographers encounter numerous difficulties when it comes to body retouching. We typically receive two sorts of orders: 75 percent want us to increase the body’s curves, and 25 percent request that we enlarge breasts or add muscles. We are able to retouch all parts of the model’s body, producing your desired results, armed with expertise and equipment.


We remodel body curves, use body balancing techniques, apply cosmetic surgery effect, build a fit body and skinny face, remove cellulite and double chin, lengthen the legs, reduce flaws and shadows, and use the Dodge and Burn effect if you need to make a body slim and attractive. We will make all the needed changes to make the body shape better.

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Redefining Artistic Norms

Editing what's needed, keeping the natural appeal

We focus on optimizing every aspect of the body without having their natural appeal taken away entirely.

Body retouching is a delicate process since there’s a thin line between a genuine body and over-photoshopped images. We don’t apply any auto-perfect body photo editors but instead rely entirely on the Photoshop toolset and get it done by expert hand. When asked to enhance breasts or lengthen legs, Our skilled retouchers always know the best possible approach.

For Body Retouching We Offer

Premium editing services

Body Slimming and Retouching

Body slimming requires a number of modifications. You can request cellulite elimination and describe which regions of your body demand our attention. Using Photoshop’s Liquify Method, we will give the skin a smooth and healthy appearance.

We can make the waist smaller and alter the rest of the body without adhering to advertising guidelines. We remove a second chin, make cheeks smaller, and even provide a plastic surgery effect while retouching a face.

For Body Slimming Retouching, We Provide: 

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Let us Refine, Enhance, and Perfect your images, showcasing the vision with clarity and creativity.

Image editing expertise

Natural Body Retouching

Body Manipulation is quite popular, and several applications have been developed particularly for that purpose. There are numerous free slimming picture editors, body sculpting tools, breast photo editors, and other similar tools available. However, the most prevalent issue is overdoing body retouching and displaying improper body curves and lines.

Order natural body retouching services from SkyTech Icon if you desire a flawless figure with proper structure. With over 8 years of experience, we know how to enhance female and male bodies without making them appear unnatural.

For Natural Body Retouching, we offer:

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Premium services

High End Body Retouching

Our High End Body Retouching services include sophisticated yet genuine retouching and color correction. Achieving a perfect body image in the studio needs additional retouching.

SkyTech Icon employs skilled retouchers ready to beautify the backdrop, apply the Dodge and Burn effect, HDR, wrinkle removal, face swapping, and more, in addition to conventional body retouching services such as skin airbrushing, body liquefying, and skin flaw removals.
For Body Slimming Retouching, we offer

We put in long hours into bringing out the perfect output.

Our expertise and knack for perfection guides us to work on each image until every pixel is in order. Want to frind out more? Get in touch with us and let’s disucss in detail.

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