Showcase Your Talent Using These Free Photo Editing Apps in 2019

With time people are becoming increasingly dependent on a smartphone as it lets you do almost everything as much as a desktop computer. Now there are plenty of free and/or paid image editing apps available for both Android and iOS in 2019.

Being a graphics designer has its perks, and the most alluring one is that you get to choose when to work.

Now you can create/edit images while on the go if you have a smartphone.

Google Snapseed:

This is a photo editing powerhouse for both iOS and Android.

The update in 2016 for this app now enables RAW image editing feature with JPEG support. There are several filters or “Looks”, users can choose from a wide array of tools starting from the basics to monochrome filters.

You can download the app from iTunes.


Prisma is another application that gained a lot of focus back in 2017.

Upon uploading an image, it sends the file to a server so that it could be transformed into a specific category of art. Such styles are derived


from famous artists as well as famous comic books.

Some of these filters have enough potential to add an unprecedented level of quality in image editing service.

Download Prisma from here.


There are quite a few apps today that let you remove redundant objects from images easily, and so far I haven’t used any other application besides TouchRetouch.

Simply tap or with your finger to highlight a specific portion you’d like to remove.

The app will replace the object by holding on to its pixels in the surrounding portion of an image.

Download TouchRetouch at $1.99 from iTunes (sadly, this one isn’t free to download).

adobe-lightroom-app-skytech-iconAdobe Lightroom CC:

An exceptionally useful application suitable for novice as well as pro image editors.

You can “one-tap” to edit photos with the help of its presetting feature or utilize its wide range of tools for editing an image. It supports camera too for capturing RAW footage.

The app is available for free; however, its premium version is paid and gives access to tools for selective and perspective corrections.

Download Adobe Lightroom CC right now.

superimpose-x-app-skytech-iconSuperimpose X:

This app enables you to compose and combine multiple images in one picture if you need to build any photo collage.

Its Refine Hair tool is outstanding for portrait photos. In addition to it, the app allows you to edit individual layers in a picture while adding filters needed for an artistic look.

Truly the app has attached countless numbers of possibilities and it’s about to get more interesting with usage.

Download Superimpose X at $4.99.



The most exciting aspect of this free image editing apps is that you have the liberty to choose from a wide variation of filters. And each of the filters can give your pictures a sense of the classic retro outlook.

And best of all, none of these filters will cause yours or anybody else’s eyes to break stare due to the overexposure of colors usually observed in filters.

The filter colors are warm in nature with really soft contrast making each filter really soothing to your eyes. But fear not, you could still independently control the intensity of colors depending on your taste.

In addition to the colors, the app has in-built tools for cropping images, adding vignettes, and adjusting or bringing two different images together.

This is a free app available on the iTunes, however, to gain access to all its filters pay $19.99 per year for VSCO X membership.



Pretty popular among teenagers and young adults these days, and  I am sure you have been routinely sharing your experiences on this social platform.

All its regular users of Instagram know the extent of possibilities involved, starting from image adjustments such as image rotating, straightening pictures as well as correcting perspective.

Similar to every other free image editing apps on Android as well as iOS, Instagram too, has quite a lot of filters to choose from.

Most importantly, you could read more on Instagram Insights to find out to what extent your followers engaging with your posts. Naturally, the feature allows you to experiment with the category of images people find fascinating about your posts.



Using the Mextures app on any iPhone, you will find complicated image editing processes to be rather simple. Multiple edits including adjustments can be piled on top of one picture so you can later edit the main piece separately.

Users of the app can really fine-tune their photos while adding a sense of unique blending effects radiating serenity from every edited image.

New users of this app could start either by choosing a wide variety of preset formulae, or create their own and share with other users. You could further store each formula and use them on any of your future posts.

Unfortunately, this image editing app is a paid tool and charges $2.99 on iTunes.

Englight Photofox:

Remarkably artistic and free photo editing app that won the Apple Design award in 2017.


Another fantastic piece of software using which you could transform any photos into quite an attractive piece of drawing or a painting by adding unique graphical elements.

Its functionalities are almost similar to that of Photoshop, however, with a more slanted learning curve. There are tutorials available in case you might be willing to learn about its usage first.

It has the “Mask” tool that you could use on any part of an image, therefore, granting you the ultimate control over your post-production process.

However, with its free version, you won’t be able to showcase your natural talent in photo editing unless you sign up for the paid version at $3.99 on iTunes.

Google Photos:

The reason we have listed this 10th is because of Google’s new releases and updates being launched one after another this year.

In addition to all the common features of any image editing app, Google Photos will organize all your photos by itself so you could later easily search them individually.

Its recent update allows you to parallelly upload pictures that further improves performance.


We have selected these 10 image editing apps based on certain criteria such as the ease of usage, versatility of each app and the extent to where your desired purpose is achieved. We have read through the reviews from users on the App Stores before coming up with this list. So, feel free to share with your friends as I believe the information could come to real use if you are perhaps thinking of editing all your wedding images by yourself.