Removing Photo Objects Using Multiple Clipping Path Software

Removing Photo Objects Using Multiple Clipping Path Software

We’ve talked about how removing a background can be extremely beneficial to images of all sorts. Sometimes it’s important to cut out background so that you can focus primarily on an image. This is common in the e-commerce niche where sellers want the focus to be on the product they are willing to sell. In other instances, image manipulation is needed to remove redundant objects present in the same frame.

Removing photo objects is basically cropping out unwanted portions of an image. There are numerous instances where this service can come in handy, here are some examples:

When Do You Use Removing Photo Objects?


There are times when you need a portion or an entire image removed from an image. This is when a graphic designing company like ours could come to your use.

Clipping path service is a feature of designing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Removing photo objects is slightly different from standard ‘cut/paste’ job because in many instances you don’t want a ‘hole’ where the picture is clipped from.

Because of this, the clipping path service is just the first step in removing a photo object. Once the object is clipped, we might add a background or do shading or paste in an object from a different photograph.

Smartphone apps are making this process faster, but for the highest quality results, it’s always best to depend on a dedicated design service.

Besides maintaining the quality and integrity of your photographs, the best reason to hire a professional graphic designer is that clipping paths are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service.

There are variations in paths and the subsequent results and possibilities differ from each other.

  • Simple or Basic Clipping Pathtransparent-background-clipping-path-skytech-icon

We are able to achieve great results when we use a simple clipping path for removing photo objects. This is mostly because the aspect of the photo that needs to be removed is often smaller and more concise such as a square or rectangle.

The object removed is usually just an outline and has few holes or other internal shapes that need to be removed.

  • Advanced Clipping Path

Of course, the results are always going to satisfy you completely if you are going to hire our professionals, just know that all images are not designed uniformly.

Advanced clipping paths consist of unique shapes with varying edges. Think of a necklace or something like a chain fence where each link must be clipped.

These paths are possible, just know that they are more time consuming and thus, the costs will vary accordingly.

  • Complex Clipping Path

Believe it or not, there are more complex paths that often need to be utilized for removing photo objects.

In an object like a necklace or a fence, the holes that need to be removed are often similar shapes and sizes, therefore, making the process easier.

More complex clipping paths involve dozens or hundreds of holes, but all with variety in their shapes and forms. The most complex paths are also called multi-paths as they often involve the selection being removed one by one – almost like a surgeon.

How Removing Photo Objects Improves Your Images

When you have the ability to remove individual aspects of a photo, it means you can essentially create the perfect image every time.

Sometimes you can’t recreate moments like a last-second soccer goal or a wedding day moment. The last thing you want is a background image or some other foreign objects ruining the integrity of a photo.

That’s when removing photo objects is used to make it seem like that the obstruction was even there in the first place.

Removing an object from a photo can also lead to financial and commercial successes too. You want e-commerce images to be clear and concise as people are scrolling down using their smartphone or tablet.



When the pictures stick out to consumers, they’ll be more likely to click on your picture and buy. In this instance, whatever investment made in a graphic designer is a wise one since it can be recouped rather easily.

Please feel free to contact if you’d like more information about how removing objects can be beneficial to your images no matter what type they are.