Stationery Design and Other Ways to Build Your Brand Identity

What is the most important way to build your e-commerce? Offering exclusive products at highly competitive prices is definitely a start. Regardless of the methods, you use the entirety of that process (logo, stationery design, catchphrases, etc.) and becomes what is known as your ‘branding.

Branding is especially important for the simple fact that it separates you from your competitors. The last thing you want your advertisements and promotions would be to redirect your customers to your competition.

The next question becomes then, ~ “How do I create my brand?

There are a number of answers to that, but one of them is definitely through the sights of your business. These are the images that create your brand.

What do the “Sights of Your Business” Mean?

The sights of your company are what customers use to remember you, and that even includes what emotion you trigger in them.raw-stationery-design-skytech-icon

Obviously, it makes sense to get as many views of your business as possible for generating brand awareness. The more people see these images of your business, the more they become aware – even if it’s subconsciously.

Therefore, one of the most successful marketing approaches is by spreading your business identity far and wide. The three biggest strategical approaches to this are:

  • Knowing your ‘why’ and then what
  • Knowing ‘who’ your ideal customers
  • Understanding your competitors in the market

Ideally, you’ll want to use company images including stationery design, business cards, coasters, etc. that can convey your message to the right people.

If possible, do so in a way that is also different from what your closest competitors are doing. In the world of online retail, this can sometimes get challenging but it’s still something to strive for.

Specific Ways to Create a Brand Identity

As long as you’re getting your business name out there, the old adage of ‘any publicity is good publicity’ mostly rings true. That being said, why not focus your time and energy on the tried and true methods – some of which include the following:

  • Crisp, clear logo – your logo is going to be found everywhere from your advertisements to your website to your packaging and more. Your logo should correlate somewhat to what your business entails, even if it is just an enlarged letter like the ‘M’ of McDonald’s.
  • Tagline/motto – is there something you do especially well or really want to emphasize such as “two for one all day every day.” If so, this is where your tagline comes in handy.
  • Stationery design – every piece of information that your business sends out should have concise stationery design involved. You want customers to know that the letter, pamphlet, advertisement, etc. comes from your business. Stationery design is an overall strategy that includes logos, letterhead, company colors, etc.
  • Branded attire – can your business benefit by having a logo, tagline, etc. crafted into attire? This stretches from shirts and hats that you give away to customers or it can just be items your employees wear at vendor shows and other marketing opportunities.
  • Mascots – when your business deals solely with an online customer base, it can be hard to gauge the effectiveness that a mascot would provide in a physical sense. That being said, your mascot can always be incorporated into your web site, YouTube ads, social media, and more.


Sky Tech Icon offers services in helping create all of these types of brand identity and more. Once the marketing and branding of your company are on point, success becomes inevitable.

Sometimes the process of creating your identity can be tedious but it almost always pays off extensively in a long term return on investment.

Is Stationery Design Worth Really Worth The Time?

One of the services that we offer is stationery design but some customers think that print and paper are a dying medium.

It’s true that more people are receiving information electronically in modern times but in a weird way that almost increases the effectiveness of the stationery design and print ads.


Just think about it – somebody can fire off hundreds of emails in a day with a varying level of sincerity but when they take the time to send a letter it comes across as more genuine.


Our stationery design has a wide range of effectiveness because it can be used in sales pamphlets, company letterheads, or just thank-you’s too past customers. Do you have to utilize stationery design to have an effective marketing strategy? ~No.

Will company stationery lead to further success as part of your overall branding and identity? Almost undoubtedly.

Feel free to contact us today about more information regarding the stationery design and a slew of other ways to effectively market your company.