Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service- What does it actually do?

With image manipulation, your photos can be changed with a number of different effects. Parts of photos can be removed, while two different images can be spliced into one. As image editing software expands, the limits of photo manipulation continue to be expanded.

If you have any image at all, it can possibly benefit from editing services. There are a number of different specific image manipulation processes that all have varying effects. E-commerce, professional photography, real estate, and personal uses are all some niches where image editing comes in handy. Have you ever wondered what the specific methods do though? Here are some answers to that inquiry.

Image Manipulation using Clipping Path ServicesClipping path services image manipulation

Clipping path services are one of the most multi-functional image manipulation tools available to graphic designers. When using a clipping path, you’re basically separating individual aspects of an image from the rest of the photo. For example, with a clipping path you can ‘cut’ a section out and then ‘paste’ it either somewhere else in the photo or into a completely new image.

Clipping path services can also ‘protect’ certain aspects of an image. For example you can use a clipping path to draw a boundary around a photograph of a flower and then apply a black and white background filter to the rest of the photo. The colors of the flower will be protected and will now sparkle against a black and white background. These are just a few examples of the magic that can be created with clipping path services. Feel free to contact us for more ideas and specifics.

Background Removal

Background removal is an image manipulation frequently used in the e-commerce industry. Customer have pictures of products but the actual product is not clear because of a busy background or colors that diminish the item. With background removal you can take away all of this clustering of unwanted colors and images so that the product is displayed solely and prominently.

Photoshop Masking

Masking is the process of applying different filters or edits to specific parts of an image while not altering the rest. The best way to think of it is as a stencil. When you lay down a stencil, everything in the ‘cutout’ portion can be edited without any damage to what’s underneath the stencil. Designers like us use Photoshop masking to remove something from a background, to define edges, to add filters to certain aspects of the image and more.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is often used in modeling / head shots when you want to remove unnecessary blemishes. Retouching isn’t necessarily photoshopping or cropping, it’s simply removing aspects such as dust, dirt, blemishes, scars, red spots, acne, wrinkles, etc. With modern high definition cameras even the pores on somebody’s skin can show up on their photographs which isn’t necessary to the overall message. Photo retouching can also be used not just on humans, but automobiles, homes, landscapes, etc. so it’s not really a vanity image manipulation. Photo retouching also helps in adjusting color contrasts and other aspects that are affected either by the camera or the filming conditions.

Color Correction

Color correction is another frequently used image manipulation service featured prominently in the fashion and clothing e-commerce industry. Sometimes with lighting, background, etc. the color of the image can carry a slight variation compared to the product itself. In this case, color correction is used so that customers are not surprised by the product that they receive. Image buying a new bright red shirt to pair with an outfit only to find out that it’s maroon. Color correction can be used in other types of e-commerce as well predominantly in auto trader magazines. The method is also useful for services such as logo design where a customer simply wants a darker or lighter shade of a certain color.

Neck Joint

Neck joint image manipulation is an e-commerce service designed to show how a shirt, dress, blouse, suit coat, etc. fits without having a model present. Neck joint editing takes product images and removes the mannequin or model from the background because sometimes they can be distracting or downright creepy. Since the back of the shirt (tag area, inside collar) can’t be seen when worn by a model, the neck joint adds it in for a natural look – but one that focuses on the product.

Image Shadow

Another predominantly e-commerce edit, an image shadow is used to make a product appear natural or ‘real’ against a solid background. Without shadow, the product looks out of place but when the image shadow is applied it gives a certain reality to the picture. It’s a subtle edit, but one you definitely notice is missing when not there.


Another aspect of image manipulation is simply design. Instead of taking images and molding and crafting them a certain way, design basically ‘starts from scratch.’ With image editing, you’re always going to be somewhat at the mercy of the original image. With design, your possibilities are endless.


Feel free to contact Sky Tech Icon for more information about any of these services and to see some specific examples of these methods in action.