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Neck Joint Image Editing an Absolute Must for the Fashion Industry

We’ve covered many times that image editing in e-commerce is legitimately the most important aspect of your online business. This holds true whether your online product is jewelry, electronics, real estate, etc. One of the most critical industries where product pictures are most important though is the fashion industry. For this, the neck joint process is especially handy.

Neck joint editing helps to accentuate the shirt, dress, blouse, etc. that is being sold. Without a neck joint manipulation, the product looks unnatural and unappealing. Here are some more specifics about neck joint services.

When Is Neck Joint Image Editing Needed?

The neck joint service was developed strictly for the fashion industry. Basically this command serves the needs of:

  1. You’ve got a picture of a flat shirt, that you want to show on a mannequin
  2. You’ve got an image of a shirt taken off a mannequin (or person) and you want to show it isolated.

Of course this isn’t just for shirts, it could be all sorts of apparel worn on the upper half of the body. Basically the biggest problem is that in dresses or v-neck shirts, the back of the shirt is shown. This doesn’t look natural when trying to show it on a person for e-commerce purposes. At the same time, if you’re lifting the clothing image off of the person, the neck isn’t visible.


What Does a Neck Joint Do?

Basically the neck joint either fills in that missing space on the clothing – or it takes it away. Another aspect of this service is the removal of a mannequin from the picture. Clothing retailers have found out that their projects sell better when they are displayed while being worn. This allows consumers to view how tight or loose something is designed to fit, sleeve length, cut length, etc. When you show these images with a headless or armless mannequin however, to be honest it looks kind of creepy.

A neck joint shows the product as it’s worn, but only with the clothing. The fabric holds its shape and contour but without the distraction of a mannequin. You could argue that having an actual person model the clothing would give a better representation of how it fits. The truth is though that 1) a model might take some of the focus off the actual clothing and 2) most models don’t work for free.

Images created with neck joinery can be used in e-commerce sites, catalogs, and any other place where clothing is sold. Best of all, the focus is on the image and not a mannequin or a model or a background for that manner. When we create an image with neck joinery, it is returned with a transparent background so it can be used on a white page, black page, green page, etc.

Types of Images That Can Be Neck Joined

Many graphic designers also call the neck joint service a ‘ghost mannequin.’ Therefore one of the stipulations required when we create a neck joint picture is that you send us several pictures of the clothing item actually being worn. Every part of the clothing that needs to be included in the final image should be included in this package. This includes the inside of the shirt, or the tag area.

Also this service is almost exclusively used just for clothing. If you can think of a process where neck joining could be beneficial for you, feel free to contact us for more information. We are flexible and open to multiple customization options if it’s within our realm of capabilities.



How is the Neck Joint Accomplished?

Another frequent question that our customers have is exactly how the neck joining process is completed. The process is somewhat complicated, which is one major reason why it should only be performed by a professional. First, we crop multiple sketches of the product. We then create a composite using each of these (front, inside, side, etc.) We then mask all the different objects together, and adjust any lighting or other features to make the object look natural. The end result is a ghost manneuin image that accurately represents how a piece of clothing looks while worn – and all the focus stays on the image.

The neck joint pictures really are the norm these days when it comes to e-commerce in the fashion industry. Make sure to stay up to task with your competitors while also assist in developing your brand by making all your fashion pictures the same. Contact us for more information about how we can make this happen.

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