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Image Shadow Services and Other Editing Has Changed the E-Commerce Game

With e-commerce, making a solid first impression is key. If you were to do ‘real life’ sales, you’d have time to sway a customer and stake out info about your product. With e-commerce however, that timeline is shrunken down to literally seconds. This is why image shadow services and other image editing processes are so important.

In a way, image shadow services and other editing are your one chance to sell a product. Are you going to include a description and other information? Of course. Will a customer buy based solely on an image? Not if the price doesn’t correlate to their budget. That being said, your image is what gets customers ‘in the door.’ You want that ‘click’ so that the customer will read the description and request more info about your product.

E-Commerce is a Competitive Industry

Is a product image really that important? The answer to that is a resounding YES. Think of the e-commerce game, it’s basically a hundred shops crammed into an online strip mall. When a potential customer searches for a product, they’re given a lost of dozens upon dozens of this product all from different sellers. To be successful in e-commerce you need to attract the buyer. This is done with two things:

  • A catchy title/description
  • An attractive image

Some people say price is another important factor. It is, but even if you have the most affordable product out there customers aren’t going to know about it. They aren’t going to ‘click’ for more information if the image doesn’t attract them. Image shadow services create an attractive looking product that catches the eye of the customer.

image shadow services
Image shadowing can be used on personal photos too. But it’s vital in e-commerce.

It’s the Truth that Customers Value the Image

There’s a common number that about 60% of online shoppers, when asked why they bought from a particular website, said it was because of the image photography. This is a black and white detail that cannot be overlooked. As stated, you have literally seconds to ‘woo’ a customer when it comes to e-commerce.

So how do you attract these customers? By singling out and focusing on the product. What this means is that you don’t want a noisy background or a blurry image. You want to use editing techniques such as image shadow services to draw attention to the product. You need proper lighting so that the product doesn’t look too dark – or too light and shiny. From jewelry to fashion to electronics to real estate these are the morals of e-commerce. A fast talking sales person might be the difference in selling a car, but in e-commerce it’s all about the product.

Benefits of Image Editing In E-Commerce

When you use image editing methods such as image shadow services, you’re accentuating the product. Photographs are the connecting ‘middle man’ between buyer and seller. One of the major benefits of editing your images is creating brand appeal. When all your photographs follow a similar pattern (size, lighting, shading, etc.) it helps to create your brand.

High quality images also legitimately aid in boosting your revenue. The only way customers are going to be able to buy your product is if they find it. The more attractive your online store is, the better user experience visitors have. Thus, you’ll increase your profits with little more than image shadow services and other editing.

Choose a Professional for Image Shadow Services – It’s a No Brainer

Something to note is that is for how advantageous quality image editing is, the opposite is true for poor photographs. Customers are turned away by blurry, off center images. You might have the best prices, the fastest delivery, and top notch customer service but it’s all for naught with low quality product images.

This is why it’s especially important to hire a professional for these image editing services. There’s simply no replacement for the years of experience and the high tech software that our company offers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we’ll assist you in maximizing profits thanks to premier images.

We are specialists in image shadow services and a number of other editing techniques. Contact us for more information on how these image manipulation methods can be applied to your products.

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