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How Ecommerce Images Editing Can Boost Online Sales

What are the keys to a successful e-commerce business? Having a wide reach would be one, as would competitive pricing. You want to have detailed descriptions as well. Perhaps the most important aspect of e-commerce however is your product images. This is why ecommerce images editing is such a valuable service that we offer.

You might ask, “why ecommerce images editing is so important.” The reason is because your product images are the first impression you give to your customers. With e-commerce, you’re literally in competition with hundreds of businesses from around the globe. Product images are your best attempt to grasp a viewer’s attention to get them to click on your item and learn more.

Images are important, but can they really contribute to increased online sales? The answer to that is, ‘definitely’, and here’s how:

Why Ecommerce Images Editing is Crucial


Competition in the online sales industry is tougher than ever before – and only going to increase. Even businesses who operate mostly in ‘real life’ are starting to sell their product online as a way to supplement their sales. While selling your goods online can help your company thrive, at the same time it’s important to stand out any way possible.

This is why ecommerce images editing is such an integral part of your business. Do you still need to sell a coveted product? Yes. Do your prices need to be competitive? Of course, but neither of those matter if customers aren’t finding your store/product. With more and more competitors taking their business to the web, that first impression you make becomes even more valuable.

How Do You Make a First Impression in E-Commerce?

As customers are scrolling through products for sale they’re looking at one of two things – the item description or the product photograph. Of course both of these features work with each other, but at the same time one is worthless without the other.

Your product images are the best way to capture the attention of customers. Using ecommerce images editing you can even enhance the way that others see your items for sale. With our editing techniques, you can separate an item from it’s cluttered background. Within this standalone image we can add shadowing applications, adjust lighting, add mirroring or glossy effects and more. The potential buyer will have a clear and concise idea of what they’re going to purchase, and it will be shown off in all it’s glory to help assist with the sale.

Image Editing Is About More Than Just Attracting the First Impression

Professional ecommerce images editing really do help you convert viewers into sales. For one, adding 360 degree product view helps provide functionality to your website. We offer editing services such as neck joining, which is a valuable asset to online fashion sales. With neck joining, customers see the shirt, blouse, etc. as it would fit on a person but without a model in the picture. This process is also known as creating a ghost mannequin.

Another thing ecommerce image editing does is make your life easier. Your returns are minimized because customers know exactly what they are purchasing. If you’ve got a shirt sitting on a chair in your product photo – is the shirt for sale, or the chair? The more information that a customer can gain from an image, the less questions they will ask. Granted, answering questions is an important part of top notch customer service, but it also delays sales from coming in. What if you were asleep at the time the question was posted but a competitor wasn’t and answered promptly. Don’t let poor lighting or a bad cropping job cost you sales.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Get Any Advantage


High def images are just one more advantage you can take over your competitors. We all know the pains of being low-balled by competitors on prices. If your rivals are using low quality images however, they’ll never have a chance to price gauge you. This is, of course, unless you opt for inferior image resolution too.

Putting the best possible images out there with your products should just be part of your overall sales strategy. You’ll probably fill your website with search engine optimization to attract as many Google hits as possible. You’ve created detailed product descriptions so customers know what they’re buying. You’ve done analytics to see which marketing is a good investment and which products are selling. Therefore why would you even think of skimping on product images?

If you’d like more information on how we can help your online store thrive with ecommerce images editing, give us a call today.

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