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Background Removal Is One of Many E-Commerce Image Requirements

We’ve stated many times that images are arguably the most important aspect of e-commerce. In a way, your e-commerce images are your storefront. If you’ve got a beaten down store with boarded up windows, customers aren’t going to enter. If you’ve got low quality images that are out of focus, consumers won’t ‘click’ on the product. This is why background removal and other image editing is so important.

Not only should having elite images be your goal, for some sites it may be a requirement. It’s likely that you’re expanding your reach to increase your e-commerce profits. This means you’ll be selling anywhere and everywhere possible. Sites like Craigslist, e-Bay, Amazon, etc. sometimes have different image requirements. Once again, background removal becomes key so that your product photos blend in with all site color maps.

Image Editing Is Important

background removal

One way to get a leg up on your competition is by offering the best prices. While doing that however, you also minimize your profit margin. Therefore the best tool that you can use for optimum sales is maximizing the quality of your product images. Attractive product photos will catch a reader’s eye, and get them to your online store or webpage instead of clicking a competitors.

High def images also benefit you in other ways. In e-commerce it can help limit returns and bad feedback. High quality images feature just the product and not any additional noise thanks to background removal editing. These leaves nothing up to the imagination when it comes to the buyer.

Concise product images can also save you time. Customers have a clear view of the product and won’t be playing ‘e-mail tag’ asking you multiple questions back and forth. If you don’t have time to respond to these constant comments, it could reject in poor feedback and a poor online reputation.

Why Do The Images Need Editing?

Even the most basic flip phones have a camera integrated into them. Wouldn’t taking pictures with them be enough to get the image out there to the online masses? Sure, you could post low quality images to accompany your products online, but it might reflect on your business as a whole. Let’s look at some of the complaints that could arise solely from your decision to use low def images on your e-commerce store:

  • Customer wants returns because product isn’t the color in the photograph. Lighting in the image is poor and it made the clothing look darker.
  • Buyer doesn’t even bother clicking on your images because failure to use background removal created a ‘noisy’ photograph. Your low prices and detailed description are all for naught as the image drives away potential consumers.
  • Failure to use a transparent background means your image did not show up properly on some e-commerce platforms.
  • Potential buyer scrolling on their mobile device wasn’t able to zoom in on photo because it was in raster form and not vector.

Hiring Professional Image Editing Is Definitely Worth It

background removal

Do you really want to lose sales just for failing to pay proper attention to the quality of your images? Most responsible online business owners would presumably answer ‘no’ to that question. In reality, hiring an image editing service to perform background removal and other manipulation techniques offers an incredible return on investment.

If you don’t pay proper attention to your images, look what you’ll lose – business. The cost of our services is actually very minimal compared to the increase in revenue that they bring in. Plus, staying consistent with your image backgrounds, lighting, orientation, etc. is how you help create your brand. When consumers visit your site or online store, user experience is key. When product images are straightforward, descriptions are laid out the same, pricing is found in the same spot, etc. it makes that visit very comfortable.

It’s the straightforward truth that poor images can legitimately drive away business. You legitimately have a ‘scrolling second’ to gain the attention of a potential buyer and lure them into your store. If a customer is doing an extensive online shopping search, it’s likely that they’re tired and not even reading descriptions anymore. In this instance, they’re viewing through multiple sites just ‘looking at the pictures.’ You see how important top notch product photos are?

Background Removal Service and Other Edits

Our e-commerce image editing services are designed so that you can optimize your product. Commands such as background removal are done to apply focus to only the item for sale. Creating transparent backgrounds is done so your product can be placed on web pages or so that your logo can be seen on multiple different colors. We do lighting and color retouching so the image shows up properly on various platforms.

You not just WANT these services, in many cases you NEED them. If your sales aren’t where you want them to be, perhaps all that’s missing is a simple product image overhaul. Give us a call and we can get you on your way with this process.

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