Trimming the Fat – AKA When You Need to Remove Background From Image

Photobomb” is a term often used in jest to describe when an unwanted background character jumps into a picture. The person who does the photobomb does it as a funny way to inject themselves into another person’s moment. Often times, the background character is a lighthearted addition to the picture. It that ‘photobomber’ did something inappropriate in the picture however, something like a wedding photo could be damaged forever. It’s cases like this where the service to remove background from image comes in very handy.

remove background from image
Uninvited wedding guests are one thing but…..

There are numerous reasons that you might want us to remove background from image. Sometimes the background is unwanted, other times it just makes the picture too ‘busy.’ Sometimes you might want to remove background from image so that you can superimpose the focal point of the image into another photo. Either way, here are some reasons why this service is so valuable:

Removing Background For Sales Reasons

E-commerce is the world’s largest marketplace. More than ever before businesses are experience a global boom in sales. You may have a popcorn company headquartered in a town of 3,200 people, but may ship to thousands of customers around the globe. The biggest asset in these sales is not only a great search engine optimization plan, but also high quality images. In person, sales personnel have about three minutes to make an impression. With online sales, that time period is cut down to literally seconds.

We remove background from image to focus on the product being sold. The biggest details that drive online sales are 1) a catchy description and 2) an image that attracts attention. You never want to mislead potential customers, but at the same time it’s important to make the product images as attractive as possible.

Removing a Background For Aesthetic Purposes

Besides product images, one of the other major benefactors when you remove background from image is company logos. In this instance, removing the background actually means making it transparent. Logos are usually created by default with a white background. That white background looks unprofessional on a gray business card or a blue T-shirt or a red website header.

Of course there are other aesthetic reasons to remove a background. As stated earlier, there may be obscene gestures in the background or something you simply don’t want included. There’s no sense in letting an unwanted background ruin a once in a lifetime photo moment such as a wedding or graduation.

Most Popular Industries To Remove Background From Image

If you have an image, there’s potential to benefit from the service to remove background from image. Clients use the background removal to increase sales, to improve looks, to crop images, and more. Some of those industries include:

  • Photographers – obviously an industry that benefits from image manipulation is the photography niche. While many photo professionals are experienced in image editing, some find their resources better used in getting the shots rather than touching them up. When your product is literally the photo, it makes sense to have it perfect. This includes the background images.
  • Fashion Industry – any type of commerce uses photos to sell their products but perhaps none more than the fashion industry. Sales catalogs and web sites often remove background from image so that the focus is on the outfit and the model.
  • Marketing – words can only sell a product or service so much, eventually consumers need photos too. Advertising and marketing professionals use photo editing processes on almost a daily basis. These industry types use pictures to tell a story of their product or service.
  • Safety and Manufacturing – believe it or not the manufacturing niche can also benefit from the service to remove background from image. This is especially typical in instruction manuals and safety informational sheets.

There are no limits on the capabilities of an image when its background is removed. You also need to unlock this design potential with the assistance of a professional however.


Reasons to Contract Professional Image Editors

There are a number of reasons to opt to have your images edited by a professional. The first factor that we bring is obviously quality. To remove background from image is an especially tedious process that needs to be handled with an incredible attention to detail. Leaving any part of the existing background that is unwanted corrupts the entire image. In the case of image manipulation for sales reasons, a poor editing job actually drives customers away instead of bringing them in.

If you’d like to learn more about our top end background removal services, feel free to contact us today. We pride ourselves on an unmatched attention to detail and the best customer service in the industry.

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