Major Advantages of Using a Transparent Background In Your Image

Modern photo editing is an art. With photoshop and similar image manipulation programs we’ve been able to create like never before. For commercial companies, this means their brand sparkles like never before. For artists, these programs represent creative opportunities that were once deemed impossible. While it’s important to know all the capabilities that these software companies offer, one of the best services that we offer is to make background transparent Photoshop.

With images, the background is just as important as the object at the focal point. In photoshop the background enables copying, pasting, and other editing in a seamless manner. There are some cases when the background ‘gets in the way’ however. It’s these instances when the ability to make background transparent Photoshop essentially salvages your image.

What Can You Do With a Transparent Background

By default, most images are created with a white background. This isn’t a problem if you’re placing the image onto a white screen but that’s not always the case. Corporate logos can especially benefit from the service to make background transparent photoshop. Companies will want the logo to have a transparent background so the logo can be placed on colored t-shirts, in web page headers, can coolers, etc. Without a transparent background, the logo will be surrounded by the bulky white box.

make background transparent photoshop

When you make background transparent photoshop, it has a variety of advantages beyond just company logos. An opaque background opens up a plethora of design options. You can take photos and transfer them to holiday cards for example. When you plan to make background transparent photoshop, don’t think of it as removing something – think of it as adding something. When the background is transparent, you can mesh the picture to any other image you want with perfect synchronization.

Biggest Reasons To Make Background Transparent Photoshop

When you make background transparent photoshop, you open up the possibilities of what to do with that picture. The best thing is, you don’t have to use the transparency if you don’t need to. What this means is that a transparent background doesn’t ‘show up.’ The background becomes transparent in the image but also enables you to cut and paste the foreground picture into any other photo.

A transparent background can be considered ‘functional’ but it can also be a salvaging tool. A ‘busy’ background can take away from the focus of the image. In the case of e-commerce sites, a customer might not even know which item is for sale. With a transparent background you can accentuate the foreground image into a more acceptable background image. With a transparent background you’ll also have the ability to add shadowing and other filters that make the image sparkle even more.

When Do You Need a Transparent Background Created?

You might not even be aware that you can benefit when you make background transparent photoshop. In the sales industries especially, product images can benefit greatly from having an opaue background. For example:

  • Integrate product in multiple sales channels – every good e-commerce merchant knows that getting the most eyes on your product is the best way to maximize sales. Not all online e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc. have the same image formatting. This is especially true when you consider the mobile versions of these sites. A transparent background ensures seamless integration into all formats.
  • Increase attention to product – when there’s not a noisy background on the image, it allows the consumer to focus on the item being sold. A transparent background allows just the product image to be shown. Plus when you make background transparent photoshop, it allows you to blend the image with any color for even more appeal.
  • Speed up page loading – one of the underrated advantages of making a background transparent is increased web page loading. Consumers aren’t going to buy your product if they can’t get the page to load. Faster page loading is especially important on mobile versions of sales apps.


make background transparent photoshop

Setting up a transparent background image opens up a wide variety of options with your images. With a transparent background you can place your images anywhere and have your logos shine regardless of the medium.

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